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Comyn sharp metal market analysis

Ministry of Commerce recently released the 2014 export quota of rare earth data table. Data show that the number of the first batch of export quota arrangement is less than in previous years, Comyn sharp rare earth industry analysts believe that the main reason is that some companies due to the presence of mines or environmental problem and needs to rectify its quota temporarily not delegated. There is also show that China's rare earth export quota policy is tightening, the state tends to protect strategic resources.Recalling this year, as of the end of October this year, the cumulative domestic total exports of rare earth 17,911 tons, accounting for only 57.8% of the total annual export quota, some companies export quotas not used. This year less than the international market demand for rare earths. From next year to see the full year, while facing enormous resources, environment and domestic demand pressures, but for the protection of the international market supply, is also the total quota will remain stable.

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