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The Industry's First Loss Of Six Rare Earth Group Integration Speed

China Rare Earth Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Chen Zhanheng in the 2015 International Symposium rare earth industry said that with the economic recovery, growth is expected in end-market demand for rare earths will correspondingly increase, praseodymium, neodymium, terbium, dysprosium and other rare earth permanent magnet associated with product prices will remain rising trend, and the relationship between supply and demand to adapt. But lanthanum cerium, yttrium due to large output is still a lack of upward momentum, yet continue to develop the market. Shanghai newspaper reporter Cao Sheng source reported that as of now, the 2014 earnings of listed companies to disclose the rare earth industry show, due to the downward price fluctuations of rare earth products and industry consolidation and other factors, last year, the first time the rare earth industry widespread losses, are experiencing pain period. However, with the rare earth price index lowest since December last year rose to 133.5 points on March 23 high of 151.4, recently pulled back slightly to about 140 points.

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