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The Main Content Of The World's Rare Earth Ore Distribution And Production Analysis

Mount Tingpa Division (MountainPass) rare earth mine in California 西南莫哈韦 edge of the desert, in 1949 two local prospecting will be deemed to uranium ore samples sent to the US Geological Survey found incidentally detected, followed by large-scale geological survey and exploration, and gradually proved this world-class light rare earth deposits. The rare earth deposits hosted in carbonatite intrusive complex, the ore is mainly composed of carbonate minerals (calcite, dolomite, phosphate ore, dolomite, iron), sulfate minerals (barite, celestite), Bastnaesite and silicate minerals (quartz) composition containing rare earth minerals are bastnaesite. Currently held mine ore reserves of 50 million tons of rare earth oxide with an average grade of 8% to 9%, including 4.3 million tons of rare earth oxides. Mount Tingpa Secretary rare earth ore mine into production in 1952, in the 1960s and mid-1980s, the mine is the main supplier of the world's rare earth market in 1990, its rare earth products accounted for 40% of the global market at the time, and later with China Rare Earth mine development and gradually reduce the supply of a large number, after the 2002 completion of the last mining activities to stop mining, but has been selling stock bastnaesite concentrate and light rare earth oxides. Mine also has a supporting rare earth mineral processing and separation plant, annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of rare earth oxides. Separation plant in 1998 due to the wastewater treatment facility is not up and shut down, but the fourth quarter of 2007 rare earth separation plant has been restarted in 2009, re-select mines, processing archived Bastnasite concentrate. Mount Tingpa Division had mine and its owners, the current owner of the mine for the Molikepu Mineral Corporation.

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